House Lifting

House Lifting

There are a variety of reasons houses are raised, but today, many houses are raised due to flooding from Superstorm Sandy or to meet new flood elevation codes. Often times major renovation projects require that the existing structure be brought up to new codes and flood elevations. Because of Superstorm Sandy, many homes in Southern New Jersey are now required to meet new flood elevation codes. Very efficiently, we can raise the structure to the new flood elevation and build up the foundation to meet those requirements. In 2013, we lifted many houses as a direct result of damage from Superstorm Sandy.

With our innovative techniques and technology we can lift any structure from: wood-frame to masonry, single or multiple houses, historic structures, barns, garages, commercial offices, bridges and more!

We are always working on designing new innovative and cost-effective techniques to apply to our lifting methods. As a result of our efforts we have developed the most efficient and safest way to elevate a house on pilings positioned over deep water or a steep sloping bank. For this design, the International Association of Structural Movers honored us with an award for “The Most Innovative Move”.

The average lifting project is accomplished by removing and obstructions such as: trees/shrubs, landscaping, under-house ductwork/plumbing and preforming the necessary excavation to install our rigging and equipment. We install a series of steel structural support beams to pre-calculated positions at the foundation level to successfully support the load. Our rigging takes full support of the structure enabling us to lift, move or rotate the structure to it’s necessary position.

If not handled properly, foundational problems can escalate to drastic problems and quite hectic situations. But S J Hauck Housemovers are experts at foundation stabilization systems. Foundation problems today, primarily caused by Superstorm Sandy, are our speciality. Whether the problem is bowing/cracked walls, water damage/lack of drainage, deterioration, sinkage caused by poor soil conditions, or failing foundational strength/support, our unique methods always supply a permanent solution. We are also licensed Helical Pile installers, which are a cost effective alternative to pile driving and overhead clearance. Click here to read more.

Also in many shore-towns, demolishing an entire structure can cause one to lose existing setbacks, forcing one to settle for building a smaller house to meet the new setback requirements. In these instances we can strip the house down to just it’s rough frame, raise it to the new elevation codes and construct a new foundation underneath. By saving as little of the rough frame as the floor and three walls you can maintain the original setbacks and build your new home.

Our lifting services also provide affordable methods to creating lower-level living space. Whether it’s converting crawl spaces or low basements into full basements or even framing entire first floors underneath the structure, the options are available and can significantly increase the value of your home.

When a disaster of nature strikes, such as Hurricane Sandy, confusion reigns immediately following. House of all types and sizes need to be elevated or relocated. Owners of such properties search for immediate solutions to resolve their particular needs. And as one might expect, local, state, and national governments are bogged down attempting to determine rules and methods for aiding local residents and businesses.

The time between the disaster striking and answers being finalized, residents and business owners become frustrated and impatient to have their lives and businesses resume some sort of normalcy. Unfortunately, it is also during this time, that some unscrupulous individuals arrive on the scene and make many promises of being able to resolve one’s need for a price.

We can help with a variety of options.

• Permit process assistance
• Assistance with ICC, RREM, or FEMA grants
• Job preparation
• Shore and/or lift structure
• Removal of faulty soils, foundation or foundation sections
• Construction of new foundation, foundation sections, and stabilization systems
• Secure structure to new foundation
• Backfill/rough grade

Our services supply you with the peace of mind of knowing that your project is in experienced hands.